About us

No More Parachutes! was founded in January 2020 by Carlo Dias. By having been at the helm of the release of more than a hundred films in Dutch cinemas, he has built up years of knowledge and experience. NMP! assists film distributors and other film rights holders with the cinema release by positioning their film in the market in the best possible way. The right films at the right cinemas.

Are you not a film distributor but a producer and / or do you have the rights to a film and do you want to release it in the cinema? NMP! likes to think along about how to successfully release your film in Dutch cinemas. Always realistic and with clear advice.

You can also contact NMP! rightly so for an official Nicam viewing guide classification of your film and / or other audiovisual content.

In addition to the above services, NMP! is setting up the film education project “Generation Z” in the New West of Amsterdam.